5 Best Organic Deodorant Options For Men And Women

5 Best Organic Deodorant Options For Men And Women – Natural deodorant has recently exploded in popularity, and while many are jumping on the bandwagon to live a more natural, chemical free life, it is important to know what exactly one is getting into when they start switching products.

Natural options for many products can provide the consumer with a cleaner alternative to some of their favorite products, but before you go switching up your daily routine, know what you are switching to and what some of the best alternatives to your traditional products are.

Natural Deodorant VS Standard Deodorant –
Is there Really A Difference?

Sure, natural deodorant sounds like it’s a good idea, but is there that much of a difference between the two?

Before we talk about the difference between natural deodorant and standard deodorant, let’s clear up a little misconception.

Deodorant vs Antiperspirant

Here is a common misconception – deodorant prevents sweating and the odors associated with it.

If you are looking to stop or prevent the odors associated with sweating, then deodorant is your product. When applied to the body, deodorant helps to prevent the odor caused by the bacterial breakdown of sweat in a variety of areas of the body.

An antiperspirant is a type of deodorant, yes, but it does more than simply prevent odors. Antiperspirant goes a step further, and instead of simply preventing odors, it also works to prevent sweating as well.

While deodorants are made up of ingredients that are more acidic or salty in order to kill off the bacteria that causes the odors, antiperspirants contain aluminum compounds that absorb into the skin and temporarily plug up the sweat ducts to prevent sweating altogether.


Now that we know that antiperspirant and deodorant are technically two different products let’s focus on the difference between natural deodorant and standard deodorant.

The biggest difference between the two products is that natural deodorants don’t make use of the artificial ingredients that are often found in most deodorants currently on the market.

For example, many deodorants use artificial fragrances to help users mask the odors that tend to come with sweating. Other traditional deodorants use simple alcohols in order to help fight the bacteria that is known to cause the odors associated with sweating.

Natural deodorants take away most, if not all of these ingredients and find alternative ones to help create a powerful product that does the job, but in a more natural, simpler way.

A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Natural Deodorant

Sure, shopping for a deodorant can be a little overwhelming. There are simply so many different brands out there, its no wonder walking down the deodorant aisle can be a little intimidating. Now add in the fact that you want a natural deodorant. While this helps to
narrow down the options, there are more things a shopper will want to consider before blindly picking a new product.

When it comes to searching for and buying a natural deodorant, there are a few key ingredients you’ll want to look for on the label. That also means looking to make sure certain ingredients aren’t included on the label.


While natural deodorant is similar to standard in the way it is used, there are some key differences when it comes to the ingredients that it is made of. Below, we have listed some of the key ingredients to be on the lookout for when choosing a natural deodorant.

  • Baking Soda – Baking soda is known as an effective https://www.reviews.com/natural-deodorant/”> ingredient when it comes to eliminating acidic odor-causing bacteria. It cannot only neutralize a wide variety of substances, but it can raise the pH of an environment, which can make the environment inhospitable to bacteria, such as in the armpits of a sweaty individual.

  • Coconut Oil/Other Natural Oils – Natural oils, such as coconut oil, help to form the base of the deodorant stick when it comes to natural deodorants. Coconut oil is also known as a good odor-zapper because it contains lauric acid, which is known to kill odor-causing bacteria.

  • Beeswax/Candelilla Wax – Natural waxes such as beeswax and candelilla wax are added to natural deodorants in order to create the waxy, glossy consistency that many have gotten used to when it comes to deodorants.

  • Essential Oils – Essential oils are often used to replace fake fragrances in natural deodorants. They not only provide great scents to your deodorant; many https://thompsontee.com/blog/natural-deodorant-labels-explained/”>essential oils have great antibacterial properties as well that help to fight odors. These include tea tree oil, sage, lemongrass, and rosemary.


While there are some ingredients you’ll want to look for in your natural deodorant, there are quite a few that you’ll want to watch out for.

Many individuals choose to make the switch to natural deodorant to get away from some different ingredients that can cause irritations to the skin. These irritations can cause more than just an uncomfortable rash, as some can develop major allergies.

  • Fragrances– added fragrances can cause a number of different adverse reactions to people and their skin when used through deodorant. Depending on the individuals, these added fragrances can cause reactions as mild as an itch to as severe as a chemical burn. So, if your natural deodorant states that it has added fragrances, then double check to make sure they are natural, such as essential oils. Anything else is bound to be a chemical fragrance that shouldn’t be found in natural deodorants.

  • Simple Alcohols– simple alcohols are known to have bacteria-fighting properties, but they can also wear away the skin’s protective lipid barrier. This causes the skin to become more prone to irritations. When reading your labels, look for the following: isopropyl alcohol, SD alcohol, or denatured alcohol.

  • Propylene Glycol – is often used in body care products as both solvents and preservatives, though current research has shown that this substance could be toxic to users. While the FDA and World Health Organization both recognize that propylene glycol as “generally safe for use in foods, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics,” it is also known to be used in products such as antifreeze.

  • Propanediol– much like Propylene Glycol, Propanediol is another substance that is commonly used in body care products as a solvent and preservative. While propanediol is known as a natural alternative to propylene glycol, it is still known to cause https://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ingredient/723043/PROPANEDIOL/”>mild skin irritations.

  • Talcum Powder- talcum powder helps to absorb moisture and reduce the friction
    between the skin and the deodorant stick. This is also helpful for preventing the friction
    between your arm and your armpit while you are moving. Talc in its natural form is known to contain the cancer-causing agent asbestos, though talc used in consumer products is free of the substance.

  • Aluminum– aluminum is used to plug the sweat glands in order to prevent sweating basically. That is why it is used in many antiperspirants. Some studies suggest that this ingredient can play a part in breast cancer, amongst other health concerns.

woman touching her armpit


When we create our best of lists, we have one thing on our minds – the consumer. That being said, we do more than comb the internet for products.

We take some different factors into consideration when we create our top product lists, the most important being the product, brand and the reviews of those who have used the
products before.

Once we tally up totals for each of these categories, we average them all together to get our final rankings which. In the case of a ranking tie, we take into consideration the product’s overall price, because who doesn’t love to save a few dollars… right?

5 Best Natural Deodorant Options for
Men and Women

As mentioned earlier, natural deodorant is quickly becoming a popular product on the market, especially for those who are looking for an alternative for their sensitive skin.

After doing some research of our own and looking through hundreds of reviews, we’ve compiled a short list of popular natural deodorants that get the job done.

THAI Natural

THAI Natural Crystal Deodorant Stick (4.25 Ounces)

THAI Natural Crystal Deodorant Stick (4.25 Ounces)

  • No Aluminum Chlorohydrate and Zirconium, Chemicals, Parabens, or Propyls -Hypoallergenic
  • Unscented
  • Non-Staining
  • 24-Hour Protection

The THAI natural crystal deodorant stick is a natural, aluminum-chloralhydrate and zirconium free product. This deodorant is not only hypoallergenic and unscented, but it is also free of parabens, propyls, oils, emulsifiers, or other chemicals.

This product is created with the use of potassium alum, which is a salt mineral that works to alter the pH level on the surface of the user’s skin to kill and inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Overall Rating: 4.2/5 stars


Real Purity Roll-On Natural Deodorant

Real Purity Roll-On Natural Deodorant

  • Made with only naturally-sourced & organic ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Holistic, clinically-proven formula
  • non-irritating protection
  • Whole Foods Premium Body Care Approved

Real Purity Roll-On Natural Deodorant was created with the most sensitive skin in mind, meaning that this quick-drying formula will outlast even the muggiest, sweat-inducing activity.

The pure essential oils provide a long-lasting, clean scent, all while the organic aloe and kosher vegetable glycerin keep your skin not only dry but healthy and free from allergic reactions that are known to happen with traditional deodorants.

Overall Rating: 4.3/5 stars

Green Tidings

Green Tidings Organic All Natural Deodorant, Unscented, 1 Ounce

Green Tidings Organic All Natural Deodorant, Unscented, 1 Ounce

  • AWARD WINNING NATURAL DEODORANT: Our natural deodorant is known to last a long time- 24 hours for most people. Green Tidings Natural Deodorant will help absorb wetness (which tends to significantly lessen when one ditches pore-clogging antiperspirants), and just a couple of light swipes are needed to last. We are the best-selling, top-rated, best-reviewed natural deodorant for good reason.
  • ONLY CLEAN, PURE, VEGAN INGREDIENTS: Organic Coconut, Tapioca Starch, Sodium Bicarbonate (aluminum-free), Organic Shea Butter (Fair Trade), Wildcrafted Candelilla Wax, Magnesium Oil, and 100% pure therapeutic grade native essential oils (depending on the natural scent you choose: Lavender, Orange Vanilla, Vetiver Citrus, Jasmine Rose, or Floral Spice)- we also have an Unscented version as well.
  • WHAT MAKES GREEN TIDINGS DIFFERENT: Non-toxic, Organic, Vegan, Aluminum-free, and DOES NOT contain any of the following: Gluten, Parabens, Mineral Salts (crystal deodorants, and mineral salts contain aluminum!), SLS, Talc, Propylene glycol, Perfumes, Petroleum or Petrolatum, Pthalate, Paraffin, Mineral Oil, Artificial Colors, Silicone Oil, Menthol, Phenol, or Salicylic Acid. It is Certified Cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny & made in a solar powered facility.
  • WE HAVE OPTIONS! Our deodorant comes in 2 sizes, the 1 ounce size is best as a “tester” size, or for travel or your gym bag. Our 2.7 ounce tube is our full-size deodorant. All of our bulk 3 packs are 15% off! Choose from our Vetiver Citrus, Lavender, Jasmine Rose, Floral Spice, Vetiver Citrus, or Unscented option, and look for our Sensitive Skin version, a baking-soda free option if that suits you better.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If you don’t love our natural deodorant, let us know & you can return it for a full refund. We want you to be happy & we strive for excellent customer service. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or feedback! ***NOTE*** THE PRODUCT EXPIRES 3 YEARS FROM THE DATE ON THE BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE (WHICH IS THE DATE OF MANUFACTURE)***

Green Tidings organic all-natural deodorant is a favorite amongst consumers because the “made in the USA” company thinks of the consumer and their skin’s needs first.

That being said, this deodorant is non-toxic, organic, vegan, gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free, paraben-free, SLS-free, aluminum-free, propylene-glycol free, fragrance-Free, petroleum and petrolatum-free, phthalate-free, paraffin-free, and mineral oil-free.

It also has no artificial colors, no silicone oil, no menthol, phenol, or salicylic acid. Finally, it is also certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and made in a solar-powered facility.

Overall Rating: 4.1/5 stars

FATCO Men’s Stank Stop

FATCO Stank Stop Natural Deodorant, Cream in a Jar, 1 oz (Scotch Pine + Coriander)

FATCO Stank Stop Natural Deodorant, Cream in a Jar, 1 oz (Scotch Pine + Coriander)

  • Our products are truly All Natural – Preserve your skin the honest way! Certified Paleo, Made in America, and Cruelty-Free (NO Animal Testing—EVER!)
  • FATCO’s Stank Stop Natural Deodorant is an aluminum and paraben free, all-natural, Paleo-certified, non-toxic, chemical free, great for excessive sweating and body odor, truly effective deodorant that is good for you! – Real Food for Your Skin
  • A wicked blend of cypress, scotch pine, and coriander essential oil that help control odor and excessive perspiration. The arrowroot powder helps soak up extra sweat while you workout and release toxins.
  • Made using Organic ingredients – Coconut oil, arrowroot powder, shea butter and grass-fed tallow soothe and calm your most sensitive underarm skin safely!
  • Yay to good fat! We use it ALL – Nose to tail! 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

FATCO’s Stank Stop deodorant for men and women is not only aluminum and paraben free but is all-natural, paleo-certified, non-toxic, and chemical free.

This formula also features Tallow, which contains the abundant natural fat-soluble activators vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are all necessary for not only general health but skin health as well.

Overall Rating: 4.1/5 stars

Nubian Heritage

Nubian Heritage/Sundial Creations Indian Hemp and Haitian Deodorant, Vetiver with Neem Oil, 2.25 Ounce

Nubian Heritage/Sundial Creations Indian Hemp and Haitian Deodorant, Vetiver with Neem Oil, 2.25 Ounce

  • It provides protection against odor and wetness
  • Recommended for daily use
  • Recommended for all skin types

This natural deodorant is intended for all skin types and helps to not only soothe skin but calm irritated skin while also moisturizing it. This formula is a tested and effective petroleum-free deodorant for a silky-smooth glide that protects against odor and wetness.

Overall Rating: 4.0/5 stars

Choosing a Product Right for You

When it comes to choosing any product, it takes time and consideration. If you are looking to choose a product that is considered natural, it means taking some extra time doing a bit of research.

The point of going natural is to take toxins out of your life, but just because a product is labeled as natural, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. That being said, take your time and make sure you read the labels and ingredients.

A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t pronounce the name of the ingredient, then you shouldn’t be putting it on your body.

Take your time and really educate yourself.

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