Bangor University Entrance Scholarships – Bangor Merit and Entrance Scholarships – HOW TO APPLY

Bangor University Entrance Scholarships – Bangor Merit and Entrance Scholarships – HOW TO APPLY – Follow this content written below to apply for Bangor Merit Entrance Scholarships. To apply for Bangor University Scholarship you need to be eligible and you must have or meet up Bangor Merit and entrance scholarship requirements.

So on this page we are going to tutor you all the necessary information you need to apply for Bangor University Scholarship. All you need to do in order to get this scholarship approved is to read all the information written on this page step by step. To avoid error or making mistakes while applying.

However, Good GAP result is among Bangor university scholarship application requirements. While Other prerequisites includes having interest in UK and also prepared to undergo this 3 years PhD program at Bangor university. Reviewing the scholarship requirements will help you to further or withdraw with the scholarship application.

Nevertheless, As part of Bangor’s Entrance Scholarships scheme, there are approximately 40 Merit Scholarships of up to £3,000 available to those who excel in the University’s annual Entrance Scholarships examinations.

About Bangor University

Bangor University Entrance Scholarships

Bangor University as one of the best University in the world received its royal charter in 1885. It is a university in Bangor which was known as University College of North Wales (UCNW), and later University of Wales, Bangor and officially recognized as Bangor University in 2007.

Like I said before, Bangor university is a recognized and world-top university. Bangor University is located in UK and also among the most facilitated university in UK. Applying for this program provided by them for international students will give you the opportunity to study among high-achieving students. Before application of the scholarship scheme will take place, reviewing the requirements is what will help here.

At this College, the university has a wide range of courses with world-class teaching and research facilities. It provides great work experience and placements for its aspirants with the guarantee accommodation for first-year at the university.

So this is the major has taken time to show you all the Bangor university scholarship application requirements so that it will boost your zeal to apply for this scholarship. Regardless of your country, you are free to apply. The only considerable criteria is that you must have high achieving mindset and interest to study abroad. With this attribute, you will be able to give satisfactory feedback during the application.


The below information are the necessary requirements for Bangor Merit and Entrance Scholarship. So for you to be eligible to apply for Bangor University Scholarship you must meet up with the below scholarship requirements.

So all you need to do is to read the below information step by step. In order to have a complete information that will enable you to apply and receive a successful scholarship approval at the end.

  • One of Bangor university scholarship application requirements that isn’t taken for granted is that all your academic transcripts and copy of degree certificates related to previously completed degrees must be presented during application.
  • If you must know, applicant must be fluent in English. That is to say, your English fluency must be perfect enough to win you a room in this scholarship program.
  • Also, it is a full time program so you must apply as a full-time student.
  • You must be an international student that has proof of his/her nationality.
  • Your medical result must show that you are fit and eligible to move into the country.
  • Every postgraduate applicant aspiring to attain a PhD degree certificate with this award must have interest in only postgraduate subjects recognizable in the university.
  • Meanwhile, only PhD is certified with the Bangor university scholarship.
  • There are other requirements like giving satisfactory records at end of each semester to validate the fund given to beneficiaries. Maintain high scores to retain your funds.
  • These are essential demands from students intending to receive a training that pay off throughout their living. So, check out other important information to take care of.


The information written below are the amazing benefits you will receive from Bangor University when your application go successful.

Each course has a different amount of award:

  • For Postgraduate Research (PhD) candidates- £3000 for self-funding participants and £4000 for outstanding (e.g. 1st class, A grade) candidates will be provided each year.
  • For the undergraduate course- £3000 for all self-funding students and £4,000 for all outstanding students (e.g. grade A) will be awarded per year.
  • For Postgraduate Taught (Masters) – £3000 for all self-funding applicants and £5000 for all outstanding candidates (e.g. 1st class, grade A) will be granted per year.

Study Area

Bangor University, UK is the are of study of this scholarship. So get ready to move from your country to UK.


Eligible Countries: Bangladesh, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, and Vietnam.
Acceptable Course or Subjects: Can apply for undergraduate, postgraduate masters, or postgraduate research degree program at the university.
Admissible Criteria: Must be a self-funding and an outstanding student.

This is the area where all international applicants will take their studies once they pass all the selection criteria and eligibility criteria.

Eligible Subjects Accessible @ Bangor University

To be frank, the subjects accessible under this scholarship are only postgraduate subjects available in the Bangor university. To be in a safe hand, all you need to do is to kindly visit Bangor official homepage to review their postgraduate courses to confirm the availability of your coursework. That is all.

Now we are done with Bangor eligible subjects, let’s move over to how to apply for Bangor University Scholarship. So ensure you read the below guideline step by step in order to have a successful registration.


For being eligible to these opportunities. Be enrolled in an undergraduate, postgraduate, or postgraduate research degree program at the university. Once your application is confirmed at the university, you will be automatically awarded by the grant.

Meanwhile, In the pursuit of studying while having all your academic costs funded is the fantasy Bangor university scholarship scheme has arrived to fulfill for most international students. So you don’t need to panic because nothing will stop you from securing the awards apart from you being not eligible for the scheme. In that case, you must download the scholarship application form for you to attain a PhD degree under this award.

So to apply for Bangor Scholarship to to download and fill the form in order to study in UK for free.

Application Deadline: Apply before the end of June so you have enough time to apply for a visa, accommodation etc but they still accept applications after June.

In case you have any question relating to Bangor university scholarship application requirements, fees, application deadline, available courses, and so on, relate it to us using the comment box below.

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