Car insurance for teenagers | Cheap Car Insurance for Teens | Cheapest insurance for teen drivers

Car insurance for teenagers | Cheap Car Insurance for Teens | Cheapest insurance for teen drivers – A lot of parents are actively searching for cheap car insurance for teens but are having a hard time finding the optimal solution. To help out, we will present some of the cheapest auto insurance options for teenagers you can find out there. In addition, we will also talk about other issues to take into consideration when you are looking for cheap car insurance for teens.

Best Recommendations on Car insurance for teenagers | Cheap Car Insurance for Teens | Cheapest insurance for teen drivers

Car insurance for teenagers

Here are five reputable insurance companies which offer great insurance packages for teenage drivers.


This insurer has various benefits including the Family Plan. With this program, all relatives who live in the same house can share every discount.

  • Teenage drivers between the age of 16 and 24 with average B grades receive discounts up to 15 percent.
  • Nationwide has transparent policies and excellent customer service as every claim is handled quickly and efficiently.
  • There is a six-month vanishing deductible of $30 when you get your first car and $10 more for each additional vehicle.
  • If you hold a perfect record, you can save $100 from your deductible every year. Plus, this discount can go up to $500.
  • The rental reimbursement is $30 per day depending on the policy you choose.
  • You can check out their website here.


This insurance company’s discount may go up to 25 percent for students who are attending school at least 100-mile distance from home and leave their vehicles behind. Also, students with average B grades get discounts of up to 10 percent.

  • You get affordable rates and loyalty is rewarded. It is worth mentioning that USAA has an impressive number of lifetime customers.
  • Members who switched to USAA saved an average of $376 a year.
  • You have two rental reimbursement options of $3 and $5 each month.
  • For additional info visit their official page.

Car insurance for teenagers

American Family

With this insurer, discounts are offered to drivers under the age of 24 whose school is located at a distance of more than 100 miles from their place of residence.

  • Plus, students receive discounts as well, and the percentage varies depending on their grades.
  • You will benefit from excellent customer service as well as easy bundling.
  • Every claim receives a quick response.
  • Visit their website here for more information.

State Farm

Around 15 percent discount for teenage drivers with a minimum of three years without at-fault accidents and traffic tickets who also have a complete and approved safety course.

  • Students with an average grade of B, or more, get a 25 percent discount based on their grades.
  • Members benefit from great coverage options and excellent rates.
  • Easy and simple online platform.
  • Rental reimbursement of around $750 per incident and $25 per day.
  • You can go to their website to find out more.


This company offers discounts for teenagers who have vehicles with safety features. Also, there is an additional 15 percent discount for students with average B grades.

  • Teenage drivers can switch from their family plan to their own without changing the rates.
  • Account registration is easy.
  • You get roadside assistance for $5 per month (six-month policy) and reimbursement up to $100.
  • Members have reported average annual saving of more than $500.
  • Check out their official page here.

Additional Tips for Getting Cheap Car Insurance for Teens

Car insurance for teenagers

There are various methods to make sure that you stay safe, while also benefiting from the cheapest auto insurance for teens.We’ve done some consistent research for you and here are some methods you can use to get a cheap car insurance.

1. Share Your Insurance With Younger Family Members

Instead of getting a new insurance, think about adding teenage drivers to your auto insurance policy. This way, you will save money as well.

2. Use Safety Options On Your Vehicle

In case you have decided to buy your son or daughter a car, make sure you choose a car with plenty of safety options. The quality of the insurance depends on various factors such as side and front impact airbags, as well as anti-lock brakes. Furthermore, you can also install an anti-theft device in your vehicle. Depending on the state and the type of device, you can get a pretty generous discount. Your best bet would be to consult your agent or to look up and down the market to be better informed regarding prices.

3. Have Good Grades

Encouraging the teenage driver in your family to get good grades can also help you benefit from the cheapest teenage car insurance. In other words, the better the grades are the cheaper the insurance will be.

According to the statistics from Accident Analysis & Prevention journal, students with average B grades had a 33 percent lower risk to get involved in a crash during the first year of taking to the road compared to students with lower grades. Plus, students with good grades get between 10% and 25% discounts, depending on the location of the insurance company.

4. Get The Right Coverage

If you don’t want to run into high expenses, you need to choose the coverage which fits your requirements best. For instance, in case your vehicle has a high mileage or it is older, you might want to go for the liability coverage instead of comprehensive or collision coverage. However, you have to keep in mind that in case you get involved in an own fault accident, car damages are not covered.

5. Encourage Driving Awareness

Avoiding accidents is your best bet to maintain your insurance costs low. Be aware of the teenage driving risks and find out the best methods to prevent them.

Nationwide’s teen driving resources center provides teenage drivers with vital info about the role of parents in teen driving, distracted driving, and teenager decision making as well. This company also grants you additional assistance the get a cheap car insurance for teens if your teenager drive has successfully completed an approved accident prevention course for motor vehicles.

A large number of insurance companies provide teen drivers with lots of discounts if they are attending school at a minimum 100-mile distance from home and leave their vehicles behind. For instance, USAA offers up to 25% discounts, whereas most insurers provide a 7% discount.

6. Sign A Driving Contract

To get the cheapest car insurance for teens, there are other options as well, such as signing a driving contract. Teenage drivers who go for this type of insurance are required to contribute to the insurance, gas, and car maintenance costs.

Also, these drivers promise to pay for parking or traffic tickets, maintain good grades, call for a ride if impaired, never eat or text while driving, and always wear a seatbelt.

Cheap Car Insurance for Teens – Conclusion

Cheap car insurance for teens is something every parent wants. Besides saving you from additional expenses, a cheap car insurance for teens will encourage the younger members of your family to adopt a more mature and safe driving behavior.

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