Tiso Bursary Foundation Program – Tiso For South Africans >> 2021/2022

Tiso Bursary Foundation Program – Tiso For South Africans >> 2021/2022 – The Tiso Bursary Foundation Program is an undergraduate program in South Africa. It is a sponsorship program that merges with South African universities to empower participants to achieve their academic potential.


Tiso Contents

This Scholarships are awarded to under privileged youth from marginalized communities who meet the selection criteria.

Here are some few things you need to know about the TISO scholarship:

The scholarship requires a highly competitive selection process & ensures these bursaries are accessed and utilized by students with the greatest promise.

The (Tiso Foundation) through its Undergraduate Bursary Program are in partnership with various South African Universities.

It also seeks to identify deserving previously disadvantaged candidates who have demonstrated talent and determination in their previous academic lives.

Do not forget that the Foundation nurtures and empowers participants to achieve their academic potential.

Therefore this will help students gain a meaningful career that will have a lasting impact on their careers, communities and the country.

There is a selection criteria which includes; 1. good to excellent matric results or academic performance (if already registered at University), 2. A dedication to their studies and a willingness to meaningfully participate in upliftment programs existing in the communities.

Deadline (Tiso Bursary Foundation Program)

Tiso Bursary Foundation Program

# the instruction that you must not forget so easily is the submission date or deadline, this is where many students make mistakes more often.

Students or applicants usually makes mistakes by not submitting this forms on time, they also fall a victim to this, so…..

##Application Deadline: 30th of September 2021.

NOTE: Bear in mind that Throughout the program, beneficiaries are offered life skills training and academic support.

Finally, Upon completion the Foundation is available to assist the best students to access career opportunities through its network of corporate relationships.

Aims or aspirations of Tiso Bursary Foundation Program

  • it will also help address the skills shortage in the economy (improvement).
  • This scheme helps to promote equity in the workplace by supporting black students to acquire the necessary academic qualifications they deserve.
  • Finally, it address challenges of poverty through the avenue of human capital development.

Credits for Tiso Bursary Foundation Program

It Is pertinent to note that Since inception, the Foundation has funded more than 90 students pursuing degrees and national diplomas in accredited institutions.

Now, moving to the next step, you get to know that the Foundation targets to support 65 students per year through partnerships with various stakeholders.

Candidates Criteria For Tiso

  1. Produce excellent results if already registered as a full time student.
  2. Must be financially needy and unemployed.
  3. students must portray good behavior or excellent positive attitude.
  4. Must be dedicated to their studies always.
  5. Community services should not be neglected, as it is willing for all students to have these good spirit.
  6. participants must be between the ages of 18 and 34 years.
  7. This is strictly for South African citizens.
  8. requirements identity: previously disadvantaged groups as outlined by the South African government (Black, Colored or Indian).
  9. also, students must be in possession of excellent matric results with a minimum average of 70%.

Meanwhile, You can Proceed on the go and get more details in order to Proceed with the registration today.


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