WSFS Bank Routing Number, A Quick Guide

WSFS Bank Routing Number – Banking is confusing. If you’re new to WSFS, you may be wondering where to find your WSFS bank routing number. In this article, we’ll give you a quick how-to on using your code. 

What is WSFS?

WFSF, commonly known as Wiss Fiss, is a bank in Delaware. The acronym is said to stand for the company’s slogan: “We Stand for Service.” However, it may also simply stand for Wilmington Savings Funds Society, which is the longer name of the Delaware bank. 

Previously known as Penn Liberty Bank, WSFS has been in business for a long time. The bank has served the community for over 180 years with a customer-first type of mentality. They offer:

The bank offers other services for your personal wealth, such as client management and trust services. WSFS can help you create a plan based on your financial goals and identify top investments to help boost your wealth while minimizing risk. WSFS also contributes to non-profits organizations and supports a variety of causes, such as programs for the homeless and educations programs for kids in kindergarten through 12th grade. They even have a foundation to support public education for children of all ages, and they provide grants for educations programs in underserved communities. Volunteers work to help the community in many ways.

What is a Routing Number?

The routing transit number (RTN) is commonly called a bank routing number. It’s the 9-digit code that’s used to identify where you opened your bank account. In most cases, you and a friend who opened accounts at the same bank branch should have the same routing number. The number may vary based on the type of account you have or the location you opened the account, and banks might use varying routing numbers for different purposes. Your bank can explain more specifically if they follow this practice.

What is a WSFS Bank Routing Number?

According to its website, WSFS’s routing number is 031100102. You can also find the WSFS bank routing number by looking at your checkbook. The routing numbers are the first set printed along the bottom of your checks (the far-left side). If you’re looking for your complete account number, you can find it on your statement.

Why You Need a Bank Routing Number

Many people don’t use their routing number often, but you need a routing number to:

  • Set up direct deposit
  • Make an online or phone payment
  • Set up automatic bill payments
  • Process checks
  • Open new online accounts using funds from an existing WSFS account.
  • Send money internationally.

How to Use Your Bank Routing Number

Your routing number locates your bank account every time you pay with a check, whether you complete the payment using a phone or online. To use your WSFS bank routing number, all you need to do is enter the 9-digit number. If you’re completing an international transfer, you may also require the code WSFCUS33. 

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